Design bookcase with integrated bedside table, by Eric

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2 minutes

Eric has made a black bookcase with integrated bedside table. has delivered the custom-sawn sheet material, namely MDF black, to your home. He himself created a practical and modern design from which this unique, multifunctional furniture cabinet was created. By integrating the hanging lamp, it also serves as lighting for his bedside table. A very sleek, custom-made piece of furniture that adds character to the room!

Description by Eric

Our free-standing bookshelf in the bedroom was full of books. It looked messy and the pile of books on the floor was growing bigger and bigger. So it is high time to come up with a new suitable solution. I like to design practical and beautiful furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. The basis of this design is the bookcase, but with the integration of the drawer and the hanging lamp it also has the function of a bedside table. The large center surface is intended for hanging a painting, and there is also room for a beautiful flower vase or something similar. The use of black MDF board material provides a nice contrast with the rest of our bedroom.

Work description: how did you realize your project

Everything starts with an idea.

  1. First sketch the situation. Spatial insight helps with this.
  2. I then calculated everything and put it into measurements.

Because this cupboard consists of many small shelves, you also have to think carefully about how you you want to connect. I wanted a hanging lamp above the bedside table and had to come up with a system for that. Attaching the lamp to a stick is also the solution for additional reinforcement of the cabinet in the top left corner. With this mounting plate you also ensure that the cabinet can be secured to the wall.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

225.0 × 61.6 × 16.0 cm

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How next?

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€ 193,37

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