Custom sliding doors under dormer window for extra storage space, by Marja

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Beautiful sliding doors for smart storage space

If you are looking for inspiration to make the most of the space under a dormer window, then this DIY project will certainly appeal to you. This project shows how stylish white sliding doors not only provide a sleek finish, but also create a wealth of storage space in a bedroom.

A harmony of functionality and aesthetics

When entering of the room, the harmonious integration of the sliding doors under the dormer window is immediately noticeable. The doors, cut to size by, provide a sleek finish for the extra storage space. Their smooth surface and minimalist handles contribute to the modern look and functional elegance.

Custom-made in White

This custom-made storage unit is realized with chipboard furniture panel 025 CST Front white of 18 mm thick, known for its strength and easy-care surface. The details, such as the subtle handles and perfectly fitting panels, make the furniture unique and a testament to Marja's craftsmanship.

Flexibility and budget-friendliness of DIY

Installing a sliding door system under your dormer window yourself has the advantage that the dimensions are fully adaptable to your space. This flexibility, combined with a choice of various materials, allows you to add a personal touch to every project. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly solution, because you save on the costs of a traditional installation.

The style of the project

The modern, timeless look of the sliding doors fits perfectly with today's decoration of the room. The white finish enhances the feeling of space and light and forms a serene background for the design of the bedroom.

Benefits of Furniture panel chipboard 025 CST Front white

This type of wood is not only aesthetic , but also offers practical advantages. The high-pressure laminate layer is durable and easy to keep clean, perfect for a living environment. The chipboard heart provides stability to the furniture, while the thickness of 18 mm ensures a solid construction.

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