Create your own unique book bed with MDF 25mm, by Marco

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3 minutes

How Marco transformed a stylish bed frame with book space

Do you dream of a unique bedroom that radiates both tranquility and personality? Then be inspired by Marco's special DIY project, who created his own book bed with the help of

The construction of the MDF book bed

p>Marco's project is an example of innovative thinking and dexterity. The bed frame, made of robust 25mm thick MDF, not only provides a solid foundation for a good night's sleep, but also houses smart storage options for books and other items. The choice of blank MDF of both 25mm and 6mm thickness provides a harmonious and high-quality appearance, where the open compartments on the side of the bed give a playful but functional character to the whole.

A touch of personality in every bedroom

The soft green color in which the bed is finished gives a soothing vibe and fits perfectly in the bedroom under the sloping eaves. This book bed is not just a bed, it is also a bookcase and display cabinet that reflects the personality of its owner. Choosing this tailor-made solution offers Marco the freedom to precisely match the color and details to the rest of his interior.

The benefits of creating it yourself

By If you choose a self-made bed frame, you, as a do-it-yourselfer, have full control over the dimensions and budget. Marco saved costs and time by ordering wood sawn to size from }}. Moreover, it is a sustainable choice; MDF is a material that lasts a long time and any future adjustments are easy to make yourself.

Project style: modern minimalist with a twist

The book bed exudes a modern minimalist style, with the twist the built-in book space that gives the bed a personal and unique element. The simplicity of the design in combination with the unexpected book storage shows that functionality and style can go hand in hand.

MDF Blank 25 mm: Marco's choice

MDF Blank 25 mm is an excellent choice for building furniture because of its smooth surface and uniform density. This material is easy to paint or stain, which allowed Marco to choose the serene green shade that fits perfectly in his bedroom.

MDF Blank 6 mm: for the fine finish

The use of MDF Blank 6 mm for the back panels and smaller details provides a subtle, but sturdy finish. The thin material is easier to handle for finer details and complementary to the 25mm for a seamless, sleek finish.

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How next?

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