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Meet Eric's DIY baking frame project

Are you looking for a way to make your artwork really shine? Then discover how Eric, with the help of, created a beautiful, large, deep baking frame that is specially tailored for a painted canvas. This project shows that with a little creativity and the right material you can achieve a unique result that fits perfectly within your interior.

The construction: a custom white frame painting

The project van Eric shows how a baking frame from transforms into a personal work of art. He started with MDF Blank 15 mm boards that were sawn to perfect size and then combined precision and craftsmanship for an impeccable end result. With a deep edge, the canvas gets the attention it deserves, while the white finish offers a fresh and modern look.

The perfect addition to the living room

Eric has given his homemade baking frame a given a prominent place in the living room. The back of the frame harmonizes beautifully with the other furnishings and creates a serene atmosphere in which the work of art comes into its own. The baking frame is not only an example of creativity, but also a talking point for everyone who enters the space.

Flexibility and savings

By getting started on building this yourself frame, Eric benefits from complete control over the dimensions and use of materials. This DIY project also offers the advantage of cost savings, because customization often has a price tag. And with the support of, the quality of the end result is guaranteed to be high.

The style: Sleek and modern

Eric's baking frame exudes a sleek and modern style, making it fits perfectly into contemporary interiors. With its simplistic yet elegant design, the frame attracts just the right amount of attention - not too much to distract from the artwork, but enough to appreciate.

The advantage of MDF

Eric chose MDF Blank 15 mm because of its many advantages. This type of wood is stable, easy to work with and has a smooth surface that is excellent for applying paint or other finishes. An MDF packing list ensures a lasting result that you can enjoy for years to come.

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