Closing stairs including video with tips! By Benjamin

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Very easy

2 minutes

Discover step by step how Benjamin closed an open staircase safely and efficiently. His project is supported by a handy video and useful tips that will help you create a closed staircase that suits your interior and needs.

Description of Benjamin

Benjamin has two closed staircases made by attaching risers to it, so that he can later make a stair cupboard underneath for extra storage space. Then painted in its entirety.

How I made this project

Step-by-step plan:

  1. Measure all steps one by one and enter them in the configurator. Benjamin has kept the planks a little wider at the difficult corners where you cannot read the tape measure properly, so that he can saw off a piece himself during work if necessary. He ordered the width he measured completely tight (so there was no slack). He has left a 1 cm clearance in height so that any irregularities are not noticeable.
  2. It is useful to give each panel a characteristic, so that you know exactly which plank belongs in which place.
  3. Benjamin chose 9mm material because he has a tacker and can easily attach the thin material. If you don't have that, you can use 12 or 18 mm thick material to screw it to the stair treads.
  4. He then attached slats to the top to make the whole thing strong and stable. If you have chosen thicker material, you can also use a special drilling template so that you can also screw the risers to the top (pocket holes).
  5. Then everything is sealed with a paintable acrylic sealant. Please note that it is a polymer kit, which can absorb movement so that the steps do not creak.
  6. Then painted so that it becomes one whole.

Benjamin is Very happy with it and can now start on the next job: making the stair cupboards!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Different per step, see shopping cart.

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How next?

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