Chic black furniture with stove for the living room, by Leanne

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3 minutes

Inspiration: Create your own piece of furniture with a stove

Have you ever dreamed of a cozy corner in your living room where the warmth of a stove is combined with the elegance of a self-designed piece of furniture? Leanne has brought this idea to life with a beautiful DIY project: a sleek cupboard with stove, fully integrated into the interior of her living room.

The construction of the piece of furniture

Leanne' ;'s choice of black chipboard furniture panel from ensures that her creation blends seamlessly into the modern living room. The subtle lighting and open shelving provide an excellent opportunity to highlight decorative items and add personality to the space. The stove, neatly built into the structure, completes the picture and invites you to relax.

The choice of color and unique details

The choice of Elegant black gives the furniture a chic and timeless appearance. The black emphasizes the atmospheric flames of the stove and creates a depth effect in the living room. What makes this project unique is the contrast between the sleek lines of the cabinet and the warm, lively appearance of the stove.

The perfect fit in the living room

Why does this project fit so good in a living room? The answer is simple: warmth and storage space are two essential elements to transform a house into a home. This project by Leanne brings both together in a way that is both functional and aesthetic.

Benefits of making it yourself

When you realize this project yourself, you enjoy complete freedom. You determine the exact dimensions and material yourself, which leads to a perfect fit for your living space. You also control the budget yourself; an advantage that should not be underestimated.

Style and elegance

Completed, Leanne's furniture is an exponent of minimalism and elegance. Its understated beauty reflects a modern style that is timeless and fits easily into a variety of interiors.

Elegant black - the advantages of 18 mm wood

Let's explore the advantages of the material used, furniture panel chipboard 113 W06 Elegant black 18 mm, don't forget. This panel offers a smooth finish that contributes to the modern look. It is also easy to maintain, which keeps the furniture looking beautiful for a long time.

Elegant black - the advantages of 38 mm wood

In addition, Leanne used chipboard furniture panel for the construction 113 W06 Elegant black 38 mm, known for its strength and durability. By making this choice, she guarantees the long life of her creation and ensures a piece of furniture that can withstand daily use.

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How next?

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