Bedroom back wall made of MDF blank 3 mm, by Josephine

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Description of Josephine

The rear of the bedroom is equipped with very beautiful homemade wall panels and also thin gray-colored slats to complete the whole.

How I completed this project I had cut the planks to size. This is a thin MDF of 3 mm thick. I placed a foam cushion on top and cut fabric to size and attached it to the wooden plates with a tacker. This mounted with mounting kit. Next to the wall panels I stuck adhesive skirting boards, always with the width of a skirting board in between. The panels next to it are finished with adhesive skirting boards.

Dimensions of my DIY project

95.0 x 95.0 cm, these 2 next to each other and 11 skirting boards of 2.4 cm wide.


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