A trailer fitted with custom-sawn Betonplex anti-slip, by Mr Brandsma

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2 minutes

Betonplex anti-slip is perfectly suitable as a lining in a trailer. In this DIY project, Mr Brandsma shows how he gave his good, aged trailer a second life by covering it with custom-sawn concrete plex anti-slip. By choosing to order the sawing work online, he was able to start his job immediately. The result is a used trailer that looks like new.

Description by Mr Brandsma

I have had a homemade trailer for 35 years. The frame was galvanized at the time. After years of use, the plating desperately needed to be replaced. Cement-bonded chipboard was used at the time, which resulted in it becoming a heavy trailer.

How I made this project

I'm getting a bit older now, so I decided to make custom panels to be sawn. In retrospect, that was a very good decision, because I am retired and no longer have access to professional machines. The plating (birch concrete plywood 18mm anti-slip) was simply ordered from this webshop, they were delivered the following week and I installed them last week. I first treated the plating twice with an edge sealer and provided the stainless steel carriage bolts at the drill holes with butylene sealant to prevent water from entering. All in all, it has become a beautiful trailer that can last for years to come, see the photos.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Trailer approximately 115.0 * 200.0 cm

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