A sleek black TV cabinet made to measure from MDF, by Karen

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3 minutes

Customizing your own (TV) furniture is very satisfying. It is often (much) cheaper to do it yourself. And when you order the sawing work online, it is also relatively easy. In this DIY project, Karen shows how she made a beautiful black TV cabinet custom made from MDF. 

Description by Karen

Sleek black TV cabinet on the floor (although you can also hang it). We wanted a piece of furniture that would take up the entire length of the fireplace up to the curtain and would also fit in nicely with the fireplace. Custom-made furniture was therefore necessary. Unfortunately, this turned out to be very expensive, so we looked for an alternative. We found that by making these ourselves with sawn sheet material.

How I made this project

I first figured out which sheets would be the most economical. Because some MDF cannot be cut to size, but you always have to buy a whole sheet of it anyway. Whether you use them up or not. That's why we ended up with black MDF. I used almost the entire plate of this. I only came up short for the intermediate pieces. Because black was also available per whole sheet and regular thin ones were also available, we opted for regular blank MDF of 3mm. These could be custom made without an entire plate. Immediately ideal for properly attaching the hinges. We then made this a little shorter so that the door had a little more play to fit nicely into the furniture. The tops and sides are attached using sticks to make the furniture click together so that no drill holes are visible at the top or sides. We also added wood glue for strength. We simply connected the bottoms and back together with screws. On the inside we have worked with hinges that are adjustable so that you can adjust the opening shelves very nicely. As well as with a pressure system. We have opted for a shelf that you push open, but you can of course also use or slide doors. When it was completely finished, I first primed everything with a black primer. And then 2 layers of finishing lacquer. I didn't paint the inside as we personally didn't think it was necessary. If you want this, I recommend doing this before assembling. We of course painted the intermediate pieces in white MDF. Tip: also do this in advance. We only did this afterwards and it is of course much more difficult work. The sides of the MDF are absorbent as stated here. We had not finished this with sealer, but this may be more convenient. Now the edges still needed 2 extra layers. To say that it can also be done without it.

Dimensions of my DIY project

272.0 cm long
35.0 cm high
28, 0 cm wide

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