A self-made bookcase for the attic under a sloping roof, by Richard

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Description by Richard

A bookcase for the chill room in the attic. The bottom cabinets are from Ikea. On top of that is the bookcase made of poplar plywood. It was always a challenge to find a good place for the books. Because we drew it ourselves, larger books also fit in the cupboard. I had previously drawn the design on another site for custom cabinets. By making it yourself, you have more freedom and it turns out exactly how I want it.

How I made this project

I drew the cupboard in sketchUp. I made the cookies in the right place with a Lamello lamellar. I glued the cabinet together per segment with large glue clamps. The planks are slightly recessed, which gives it a nicer appearance. I attached the tops to the wall with corners, so that the cabinet cannot fall forward. After I had painted the cupboard, the books could be moved from their crate into a real cupboard.

Dimensions of my DIY project

One cupboard is 200.0 cm wide, the small one is 80.0 cm wide. The highest point is 275.0 cm. This is higher than the longest shelf you can order from my chosen material, so I extended that shelf.

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