60 years of Lego sorted and tidied up in bins, by Ab

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2 minutes

A practical solution for storing Lego

All Lego neatly stored in one cupboard, but sorted as much as possible. The cabinet is made of 15mm poplar plywood and, where necessary, fitted with aluminum U-profiles, which serve as guides. rails for the plastic bins. The plastic beacons are of the Trofast type (IKEA), assortment boxes and an original Lego storage box (wood) were also used. The cupboard is accessible from 2 sides, with the exception of the Lego storage box. In this compartment, the niche has a back wall, which gives the cabinet more strength. The cabinet is further varnished using: a transparent stain.

How do you make these storage bins for your Lego?

The plywood parts are glued (at the corners) and reinforced by an aluminum profile or a wooden beam (19x25 mm ). In the case of an aluminum-wood connection, a 2-component glue is used, in other cases a traditional wood glue. The corner connections are further reinforced with screws. I chose poplar plywood because of... the weight and that has worked, the cupboard (unfilled) can easily be handled by one person. Poplar plywood is soft and therefore vulnerable. Particularly during the construction of the cabinet, I had to take this into account and protect the wooden panels well. Provided with a layer of lacquer, the panels become considerably less vulnerable.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

Width: 102.0 cm Height: 62.0 cm (excluding the castors) Depth : 48.0 cm

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How next?

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