VTwonen magazine edition 5 2023. The inside look at Myrle's @stijlbijstout where her beautiful compartmentalized cabinet, which she painted green herself, is a wonderful eye-catcher. Click on the photo below and read more about this original compartmentalized cabinet with seating.

Have you spotted us on SBS6? In collaboration with Marianne Luning, we were able to deliver a beautiful custom-made compartmentalized cabinet for VTwonen's "weer verliefd op je huis" season 18, episode 5, in a house in Uitgeest. Read more below about the compartmentalized cabinet for Jeroen and Marieke.

Season 18, Episode 5 in Uitgeest

Jeroen and Marieke are ready for a more mature interior design for their authentic detached house. A year ago, they fell for the charm of the house with a raised platform, despite the somewhat complicated layout of the house. The possibilities are enormous, but so is the uncertainty. The diverse interests and styles of the couple don't make this challenge any easier. Marianne Luning got to work for Jeroen and Marieke. See below the beautiful result of the 'mature' interior design of this beautiful property.

VTwonen, weer verliefd op je huis

VTwonen weer verliefd op je huis is a popular television program broadcasted on SBS6. The program aims to inspire viewers to make their homes more beautiful and comfortable through creative and stylish designs, practical tips, and handy DIY ideas. Each episode surprises a couple or family with a new interior design or decoration advice. The program collaborates with a team of designers and stylists to transform the house into their dream home. VTwonen is not only an entertainment program but also an educational resource for those seeking ideas and inspiration for renovating and improving their own home or interior.

We have had the opportunity to realize the projects below in collaboration with VTwonen. Be inspired so that you too can have your custom-made compartmentalized cabinet or potentially other DIY projects in your home within a few weeks.