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Did you spot us on RTL? In collaboration with van de Bunt Interieur and Carolien Spoor, we had the opportunity to provide a stunning custom shelving unit for season 1, episode 2 of The Interior Project VIPS, designed for a recreation room/office environment. Want to know more about this shelving unit? Read on.

Season 1, Episode 2 of The Interior Project VIPS

Carolien Spoor won the second episode of The Interior Project VIPS with her design for a recreation room in an office building. She added a lot of color to the space and made her mark by using antique objects. There is even an antique carousel horse!

For a seating area, she used a custom TOSIZE Furniture shelving unit. She added extra parts to make it sturdy enough to sit in. She painted the unit a beautiful purple color and added acoustic panels to the back to create a warm ambiance with a wood texture.

Do you also want to design your own custom shelving unit? Use our 3D configurator and see what is possible!

The Interior Project VIPS

The Interior Project VIPS is a Dutch television program where celebrities receive help from interior designers to redesign their homes. Each episode features a different house or space, focusing on the residents' wishes and needs. The interior designers then work on creating a new interior, considering the residents' personal tastes and lifestyles. The program not only provides inspiration for interior design but also highlights the importance of having a home that suits the residents and their way of living.