Have your HPL sheets cut to size by TOSIZE!

Did you know that we also cut HPL panels to size? Besides MDF, plywood and pine panels, you can also have HPL panels cut to size down to the millimetre by OPMAATZAGEN.nl. Read more about it!

Cutting HPL to size

Trespa® is the brand for high quality HPL panels. HPL panels are smooth, extremely strong and available in many colours and finishes. Trespa® and other HPL panels are intended for exterior finishing, but can also be used indoors if you have a nice project for it. Trespa® Izeon®, the variant we offer, is available in 9 RAL basic colours. For exterior use, Trespa® Izeon® is ideal for façade finishes, fascia (eaves) and dormers, among others.

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