Make your own IKEA SMÅSTAD children's corner with oak top, by Maurice

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3 minutes

Create the perfect children's corner

Do you dream of a playful and practical children's corner in your home where style and functionality meet? Be inspired by Maurice's project, who has created a beautiful play corner using IKEA furniture and a custom-sawn oak top from A place where children can draw, play and learn in an environment that appeals to both them and adults.

The structure of the project

With a smart combination of IKEA SMÅSTAD cabinets and a beautiful With an oak top, Maurice has created a desk that is perfectly tailored to the needs of his children. The piece of furniture not only functions as a desk, but the cabinets also offer plenty of storage space. The natural oak wood of the top, cut to size by, provides a warm and inviting appearance.

Unique details

What makes this project unique is the attention to detail. The choice of an oak top gives the play corner a high-quality feel and provides a natural look that fits in any contemporary living room or playroom. Combined with the sleek white finish of the cabinets, it creates a timeless design that does not look out of place in the interior.

The best place for a children's corner

This play corner is ideally placed in the living room , next to a wall with a stylish wooden trellis and a world map. This not only provides an educational element, but also integrates the play space seamlessly into the family's living environment.

DIY: the benefits at a glance

Making a project yourself offers many advantages. This way you have control over the dimensions and the piece of furniture fits in the space you have in mind. The freedom of choice in materials offers you the opportunity to change the look & feel can be fully tailored to your personal taste. Moreover, it is often a more favorable choice for your budget.

A stylish completion

Maurice's project testifies to Scandinavian simplicity with a warm and welcome appearance. The combination of natural oak elements with white streamlined cabinets gives the children's corner a fresh and modern style.

Oak: a sustainable choice

Oak wood is known for its strength and sustainable character. The 27 mm thick oak wood panel used for the top not only gives a robust appearance, but is also resistant to children's daily play activities. The natural pattern of the wood also provides a timeless appeal and makes each piece unique. With the panel sawn to size by the finish is of exceptional quality, which contributes to the overall allure of the children's corner.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Maurice's saw list and complete your order easily.

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